Women's Community Boutique Body Confidence

Women’s Community Boutique CIC is a social enterprise based in Sunderland, North East England. We are a platform for women from all cultures and backgrounds, using fashion as a catalyst to promote body positivity, confidence, to provide opportunities, inclusion and to improve health and wellbeing.

Women's Community Boutique

We do this through group activities and events which:

  • Facilitate integration
  • Raise awareness of opportunities that are available to them. 
  • Develop skills to access opportunities available to them.
  • Make services accessible through provision of transport.
  • Develop awareness of sustainable living through fashion and food.
  • Facilitate conversations on different cultural clothing and food.
  • Confidence building through activities such as photoshoots, fashion shows, language exchange, dance, yoga, gym, water confidence, gardening. All sessions will reflect cultural diversity. 
  • Raise awareness of landmarks and landscapes in the North East.
  • Create opportunities for volunteering, training and employment.
  • Create a platform for collaboration and networking.

We use clothing as an initial starting point to promote integration, social inclusion and positivity, sustainability and cultural awareness and diversity. From dressing up and trying on clothes, participating in photoshoots and fashion shows, health and well being activities such as swimming, walking, dancing, cooking and social activities and small get-togethers to drink tea, chat, share cultures and cuisines and as a language exchange. Women’s Community Boutique collaborates with other local organisations to provide a broad range of activities and opportunities.

Women's Community Boutique Body Confidence