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Women's Community Boutique

Come and visit us at
90 Coronation Street, Sunderland.

We are open Tuesday – Saturday 10am-4pm

Women’s Community Boutique CIC is a social enterprise based in Sunderland, North East England. We are a platform for women from all cultures and backgrounds, using sustainable fashion as a catalyst to promote body positivity, confidence, to provide opportunities, inclusion and to improve health and wellbeing.

We run a variety of activities for women, delivered through collaboration with other organisations, including the following:

Women's Community Boutique Body Confidence
Photoshoots/Fashion Shows

Have you ever fancied taking part in a Photoshoot or a Fashion Show? If it’s a resounding YES or “well, maybe, I’m not sure” and even “definitely not”, whatever your response is, pop in for a cup of tea or coffee and say hi to us. Come in try on some beautiful clothing. Have fun trying them on, pose for your friends and family, take your own pictures and if you’re enjoying the process let us know.

Women's Community Boutique Body Confidence

The photoshoots and fashion shows are for YOU. They are feel good sessions to make you feel fantastic about yourself, to show you how amazing you are as you are. They can take place in a variety of settings including on the beach, in the water, underwater, studio, forest and afterwards you get a selection of images of you looking amazing.

Health & Wellbeing

Can you dance? Yes, No, don’t know? It doesn’t matter. Classical Indian/Bollywood dance or Zumba or Salsa, Hip Hop, let’s explore them together. Do you enjoy Yoga, meditation, relaxing, stretching? So do we. Ever fancied a dip in the sea like the Wild Sea Women, or exploring with fabrics or aerial hoops underwater with Aria Art Movement in a diving centre. Can’t swim? We can help you to learn. Exercise, walking. Our events and activities include a range of health and fitness options.


You love gardening, you don’t like getting your hands dirty, you like watering the plants, worms freak you out, you love lavender, you love roses but not the thorny ones, flowers make you smile, you’re not sure about the bees but you value their contribution. Don’t think too much about it, just come and join us.


You love cooking, you hate cooking, you eat to survive therefore you cook or microwave, you’ll eat anything, you’re a vegan, you love your meat, you love a curry or fish and chips, you love a chocolate cake or a smoothie. Whatever floats your boat, come and share it with us. Join us for a session of cooking together or eating together.

Language Exchange

Fancy sharing and picking up a few words from a different language to your own. In how many different languages can you say I love you or how are you? Explore the number of languages we speak in the North East. English is the main language spoken in the UK and is needed to access many services. If anyone is struggling with their English, let’s see if we can teach each other and provide that support in an informal setting.

Trips Out

A walk to Roker beach, to Herrington park, to Penshaw monument, to a National Trust site. Let’s connect to where we live. Let’s love and appreciate where we live. The North East affords us so much beauty. Let us share it and explore it together.

Creative Fashion Activities

Knitting, sewing, designing. Clothing alterations. We can look at ways to make our fashion as sustainable as possible. We can discuss sustainable fashion and what it means and what we can do to minimise our impact on our environment. Let’s leave a footprint that says We Care.

If any or all of these activities appeal to you, get in touch. If for any reason you feel or see obstacles, get in touch. Talk to us or just pop in for a cuppa.

Our activities are for you, Women of the North East, for your mental and physical well-being, to allow you to meet others, to celebrate our differences and similarities together. To appreciate how differences make us stronger as a community. To love our environment, to love local heritage, to love our bodies, to love fashion, to love a variety of cuisine, to love a variety of languages, to love how culturally diverse we are. Most importantly to love how all these things bring us together. 

Inclusion   Collaboration   Integration   Opportunity